4 Signs It's Time To Get Your Auto Glass Repaired

4 Signs It's Time To Get Your Auto Glass Repaired

Auto glass doesn't last forever. If you spend any time on the road driving (and who doesn't?), your windshield is bound to pick up chips or damage that will cause your windshield to be replaced. But how do you know when it's time for auto glass repair? Platinum Auto Glass offers the best windshield replacement service in Loveland. Learn four signs that it's time to get your auto glass repaired, and call for a quote today!

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White Haze

Seeing white haze has more to do with the compromised integrity of your car windshield. All auto windshields are made with a layer of plastic that goes over your glass in order to stop any glass from falling onto you should your windshield break. When this plastic layer becomes loose, it may not hold the glass in, which can hurt you in the event of an accident.


3" or Less Sized Crack

Cracks in your auto glass will only become longer and more complex with time as the elements do their work on your glass. Cracks that are less than 3.5 inches can be repaired. If they are longer than that, you'll have to get a full windshield replacement service in Loveland.


Internal Glass Damage

Your car's windshield is made from three layers: a layer of cellulose in-between two layers of tempered glass. If the damage to your car's auto glass is superficial and has not extended to the middle layer of cellulose, then our auto glass repair experts can help. Call today.


Blocked View Of Any Kind

One of the most immediate causes of a windshield replacement in Loveland is a blocked view. This is a danger to not only you, but also to anyone on the road. If you are finding yourself constantly adjusting in your car to see out your windshield, it's time to call our auto glass repair company today.

Platinum Auto Glass is a Loveland auto glass shop that offers windshield replacement and mobile windshield repair. Call to get started today!

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