Tips for Preventing Auto Glass Damage During Winter Months

As the temperature drops and the winter months approach, it's important to take steps to prevent auto glass damage. At Platinum Auto Glass in Loveland and Fort Collins, we understand the hassle and cost that can come with repairing or replacing damaged glass. To help you keep your auto glass in top condition, we have compiled some valuable tips for winter car care. Get a free quote today!

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scraping frost off windshield

Clear Snow & Ice Properly

When clearing snow and ice from your vehicle, be cautious and avoid using sharp objects that can scratch or damage the glass. Use a soft brush to gently remove snow and a plastic ice scraper to clear ice, taking care not to apply excessive force.

frost on windshield

Defrost Your Windshield Correctly

Allow ample time for your vehicle's defrosting system to effectively clear ice and fog from your windshield. Using hot water or pouring boiling water on the glass can cause thermal shock, leading to cracks or shattered glass.

parked car on snowy road

Park Strategically

If possible, park your vehicle in a garage or under cover to protect it from snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. If you must park outside, consider using a windshield cover or placing a tarp over the vehicle to help shield it from the elements.

windshield replacement

Invest in Auto Glass Repair from Our Auto Glass Shop

Cold weather can cause existing small chips and cracks to expand, leading to more significant damage. As soon as you notice any damage to your auto glass, contact Platinum Auto Glass for professional car window glass repair services in Loveland, Fort Collins, and the surrounding areas. Timely auto glass repairs can save you from the expense and inconvenience of a full glass replacement.


Don't let winter weather take a toll on your auto glass. Take precautions, and if needed, trust Platinum Auto Glass in Loveland and Fort Collins to provide efficient, reliable, and professional auto glass services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep your auto glass in excellent condition all winter long.

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